How ProofPoint Marketing can help

growthHow best then to use references to your advantage and measure the tangible value they deliver? ProofPoint Marketing has years of experience in developing and delivering global customer reference programmes which go the distance and help organisations support their sales and marketing efforts through the effective use of customer testimonials.

The impact of ineffective customer reference management is felt by sales people when they can’t offer evidence of their successful deployments, by marketing and public relations staff when potential media and promotional opportunities are lost, and by senior executives when they miss the chance to illustrate success to investors and stakeholders. The result is the wasted effort of a fire drill approach and the potential loss of market impact and sales revenue to the organisation.

ProofPoint Marketing can assist in the following key areas:

  • A managed programme to develop references which support business objectives and a reference selling model
  • A business process to ensure that customer relationships are effectively managed across functions
  • Building a volume of reference deliverables available to sales and marketing
  • Manage customer relationships and contact to avoid customer over-use and burn-out
  • Enable business to “self-serve” for references

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