Customer Reference: Your Most Valuable Asset

The most valuable asset for your business is your own customers’€™ goodwill. If leveraged effectively and respectfully, this asset can help you win future business. In truth, customers are often the best spokespeople a company has. Satisfied customers willing to serve as references for your new prospects can make the difference between winning and losing the sale.

“ProofPoint Marketing has been a huge asset in getting the customer reference program for Pure Storage off the ground. From evaluation, to implementation, every step was tailored to our specific needs. The depth of knowledge and experience that ProofPoint has in the customer reference sector is second to none. We continue to rely on their expertise to help us expand our rapidly growing customer program!”€

Stephanie Pacillas, Customer Marketing Manager, Pure Storage

“Customer References are one of the most valuable assets any company can build,€“ especially in the complex world of B2B software,€“ and I would highly recommend getting ProofPoint Marketing to show you how.”€

Mark Plant, Director Marketing Operations, Micro Focus

Customer reference statistics

Customer reference statistics

Peer references remain the single most powerful driver behind many B2B buying decisions. In fact, SiriusDecisions surveyed over 600 B-to-B marketers in a B-to-B Buyer’s Survey and found…

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How best then to use references to your advantage and measure the tangible value they deliver? ProofPoint Marketing has years of experience in developing and delivering global customer reference programmes…

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